Thing 18

I love youtube! I think it’s classroom possibilities are endless.  I used it last year to teach my students popular salsa moves. I also used it to show popular Spanish music videos.  I used it to show a tour of Auschwitz.  Endless! 

Thing 17

I have mixed feelings about podcasting. I think it can be just as boring to listen to some one else’s podcast as it can to listen to a lecture.  Plus sorting through all of the pocasts out there takes lots of time. Having students create podcasts though would probably be very enjoyable for them.

Thing 16

I could see the best uses for Library Thing being in getting book recommendations from readers who like things I might like.  Otherwise, I’m not sure I’d use it much.  Students, though, could start this early on in school and keep track of all the things they’ve read (or were supposed to have read). It might add to a sense of accomplishment. 

Thing 7a

I love Google Reader, yes Allison, I said it.  I didn’t like it at first but now I love it.  I couldn’t even begin to name one thing I got from Google Reader this week – there were just too many! I found the date and time of fireworks in my community without having to look for the information! That was helpful!

Thing 14

I’d played with Wordle before thanks to a pretty tech savy friend who sends me new stuff.  I like it.  I have a hard time finding use for it except as maybe an alternative fun vocabulary exercise.  Maybe each student types in a vocab word and it’s definition. They could become visually pleasing flash cards.  This is not a particularly social tool, at least not that I can see.

Thing 11

Che HabanaI like Flickr. I just wish it were spelled correctly. I guess that’s the English teacher in me. I see lots of potential possibilities for this, especially for my Spanish classes.  It’s a way for students to see places even I’ve never been. Additionally, last year I did a lot with visual images accompanying the written word. Flickr will be an excellent resource for this! (Photo by Latinos Americanos Begica

Thing 10

I’m always very paranoid about copywrite law yet often unclear about it. I’m afraid of making a mistake and misusing some one else’s work.  As an English teacher, I feel especially responsible to use things appropriately.  I think Creative Commons is an excellent idea.  It gives us the freedom to easily share useful information without worry.  It will give us a bigger repetoire of information for students.

Thing 8

I’ve already set up a wiki for my class, but haven’t really used it. I liked setting it up and think that it has lots of potential. My road block to using it more was student access to the internet. The “Holocaust Wiki Project” initially caught my attention because of its similar set up to Wikipedia. At first I didn’t like this, but it does lend familiarity to new users and could be helpful.  

I think I might use the idea from Thousand and One Flat World tales. I like the idea of using the wiki as a place to assign homework.

The Wolves Den wiki also seemed to utilize the space as the new homework board. I liked all the options. It seemed fuller than the other wikis I visited.